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Chamars in the Punjab

The most politically and socially influential Chamars are from the state of Punjab (India), where they form 11% of the population with Dalits comprising 27% of the population. In the Punjab they are divided into various groups, such as ”Ad-Dharm” and  ”Ravidassia”. In Majha area they share the same Gotras as Saraswati and Mohyal Brahmins, in Doaba and Malwa area they share family names with Jats and Rajputs. Where as in Malwa most of the Chamars turned to Sikhism . In Majha they are being called  Ravidasia, in Doaba they are being called Adi -Dharmi . They are highly concentrated in the Doaba of Punjab. In Malwa Region Chamars have a faith in Sikhisim.

Chamars in Rajasthan

Chamar denotes profession but nowadays misunderstood with caste.The castes which were involved in leather work in past ( before independence )were termed as Chamar in general.Chamars in Rajasthan can only be identified in the districts adjoining to the states of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The districts of Bikaner, Shriganganagar,Hanumangarh, Churu, Jhunjhunu, Alwar, Bharatpur and Dhaulpur  are inhabited by Chamars..Now a days.Raigar (leather tanners ) and Mochi (Shoe-makers) are other two predominant castes related with leather profession.

Chamars in Uttar Pardesh & Bihar

In U.P. chamars are being called Jatav, Kureels,Dohrey,Dhusia etc. Jatavs are mainly concentrated in the Western part of U.P and also in Delhi and Haryana.Famous freedom fighter Banke Chamarwas also from Village Kurarpur, Dist. Jaunpur ,Uttar Pradesh.This Brave Revolutionary laid down his life for the country and was hanged by britishers for his active role in freedom struggle of 1857.